Gym Rental

Zion Lutheran Worms Gym Rental Policy

Recognizing that this building has been dedicated to the glory of God and the expansion of His Kingdom, and recognizing that those who use these facilities love the Lord, we ask any renters to abide by these rules.

(Following these rules is a link to the rental policy.  Please click on the link and print the document, sign and give to the Gym Committee representative to rent the facility.)

  • To reserve the facility please contact the gym representative, Lisa Bierbaum, at 308-380-6450.
  • Palmer Public School and Heartland Lutheran High School rental fees will be waved. All other rules do apply.
  • Rental fees are $60 per hour for non-members of Zion Worms and $30 per hour for members of Zion Worms. In the event that the renter will need the gym for five hours or more it will be $300 for non-members of Zion Worms and $150 for members of Zion Worms per day. Checks will need to be made out to Zion Gym Fund. There is no charge for congregational functions including funerals.
  • There will be no renting of the gym during church services.
  • Curfew for the building is 10:00 p.m.
  • Any youth activities must be accompanied by an adult. (1 adult for every 10 children)
  • In the event that sports equipment is brought out, it needs to be returned to its original location.
  • On open gym night, someone from the congregation must be present and responsible. Everyone is to pay $2 and be done by 10:00 p.m.
  • Zion Lutheran Worms Gym is not liable for any personal injuries or damage to the building during the time of open gym, gym rental, or set up time for rental. The Renter assumes full responsibility for guests and is liable for any personal injury or any property damage that may occur.
  • The building is expected to be left in the same condition prior to your activity. This includes making sure all toilets and urinals have been flushed, all floors have been swept, all carpets have been vacuumed, all kitchen and bathroom sinks have been wiped down, all mirrors have been cleaned, and all spills have been wiped up. (Please notify the gym representative of any damage seen prior to your event starting to avoid being held responsible for such damage.)
  • No alcohol is allowed inside the building or on any church grounds.
  • No smoking is allowed in the building.
  • There is to be no grilling or deep-frying in the building.
  • Supplies such as ice, paper plates, napkins, cups, and etc. will be supplied by the renter. The gym will only supply these for congregational functions.
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are the tables and chairs to be removed from the building.

Zion Gym Rental Policy